Marathon training guide 

I am training for my second marathon this year. Training is hard and time consuming, and there are days that you think “what the f am I doing?” But if you’ve ever crossed that finish line, you know why you did it.

Last year, I didn’t know that feeling. But was determined to complete my first marathon! I did, and it was amazing… fucking amazing!! The best part about it was that I did this for no one other than myself, and it was truly one of the best days of my life!


Crossing the finish line at the 2016 NYC Marathon. One of my greatest accomplishments!

Shortly after, I was contacted by someone, Heather,  who was writing an online marathon training guide and she wanted to feature me in the “real life story” section. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about it, and hopefully inspire someone else to push themselves out of their own comfort zone and do something extraordinary!

I am SO happy to be featured in it, and to share it with you…  Marathon Training Guide– click here!

Remember, as always, to eat for your body–

AND try something new whether it be a new food, exercise, race! Life is too short to stay in the same daily routine.  Get out there and do something youve been wanting to do, but have not done yet!