Chocolate always first…

…Well, almost always!

I was listeining to KTU this morning..well every morning, but that’s besides the point… and Carolina (whom I LOVE… PS if reading, Cubby, I love you too!!) was talking about eating some dessert before feasting into Thanksgiving dinner.  She was talking about in a joking way, but to me I took it serious, because there was some seriousness to her entertaining on air about how we all do sometimes over eat on Thanksgiving.  If we eat something sweet first, it may take away some of the craving for food later on, is along the lines of what she said.  I automatically texted in saying that she was semi- correct!  Because, she was!!

I won’t go as far as to say “go ahead, eat all the pies and cakes you see on the dessert table, but I will say, if some dark chocolate catches your eye- go for that!  Dark chocolate has waistline benefits- as it will not add to weight gain, and can even help with weight loss! Now, this is NOT the new go to fad diet, nor will it actually make you lose your goal weight of say 5-10 pounds.  But it can help stop you from over eating.

Dark chocolate is loaded with fiber, which will help you feel fuller longer.  Having a bite of a good quality, high percentage, dark chocolate  before hitting the table for dinner will help you stop over eating because you will feel fuller faster with a smaller amount of food because of the fiber in the piece of chocolate.  It also helps reduce stress, which many people face during the holidays.  Eating a small piece of the dark chocolate will help reduce the stress and help those who do happen to stress eat not eat as much as they may have.

Other benefits of dark chocolate include anti inflammatory properties, due to the flavanols found cocoa.  It can help repair cellular damage and prevent future cellular damge to those who suffer from inflammatory diseases. The flavanols can also help lower blood pressure.  It can also boost blood circulation to the brain to help you stay more focused as well as leave you with healthier, smoother skin.

If these aren’t reasons enough, it is also DELISH!!  But remember- look for the ORGANIC DARK chocolate, that is at least 70% dark.

Here are two of my favorite dark chocolates… I would love to hear about your favorites!!


My favorite, and 10% of proceeds help endangered wildlife.


Another go-to if I see it.  SO tasy and satisfying.

And remember to always eat for your body, it will thank you.

Have a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving!!  Cheers to the holiday season!

4 Simple Tasks Before Going Away

We all love going away, whether it is a week long vacation or a long weekend get-away. It is an exciting time to get out of town and not deal with the every day stresses. It is a time to unwind and relax, either by yourself or with a loved one.

I love going away.  It is a chance for my husband and I, and now Wyatt, to be together without work and every day stressors, and just be us. However, if we leave and the house is a mess, not only am I thinking about it while away, I am stressed when we come home because now do I not only have laundry to do, but I have a home to clean!

Healthy living is not just about exercising and watching what you eat. It includes everything that is going on in your life. Healthy living is a lifestyle, and I include how you keep your house in that lifestyle.  I am all about living in a clean house. However, that can be hard with a newborn and a dog! When we go away, I need to make sure we leave with a clean house so when we get home there is nothing to do but unpack.

Here are the top 4 “chores” I do around the house before we go anywhere, so when we unlock the door, we are walking into a clean house.  A clean house leads to less stress and a more relaxed family coming home from a nice time away.

1. Change sheets on bed– When you go to bed the night you come home, you can slip into crisp, clean sheets on a bed that is nicely made.

2. Do all laundry– If that pile of laundry is tackled before going away, you do not have to rush doing laundry the week you get back.

3. Tidy rooms up/Clean dishes– Nothing is better than coming home to a clean kitchen and other rooms!  With everything clean and put away, you do not need to think about how you’re going to handle cleaning everything when you have to go back to the daily grind of reality.IMG_7126_2

Cleaned kitchen and dishes before recent trip

4. Sweep/Mop- Especially if you have a pet. Nothing is worse then coming home and seeing the dust and pet hair all over the floor.  IMG_7128_2

Made sure to straighten up living room and sweep before going away.

When you want to live a healthy life, think about everything in your life.  If coming home to a messy house, think about the stress you have when you arrive back.  If you can avoid that, take the extra time.  You may not want to clean the night before, but believe me, you will be happy when stepping into the door after being away for a few days or a few weeks!

Your body and mind will thank you and appreciate you doing things in advance!